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Product Catalog
Size (86 mm, 146 mm)
MG White(86mm, 146mm)
MG Green(86mm, 146mm)
AA White(86mm, 146mm)
CB White(86mm, 146mm)
BD White (86mm, 146mm)
BD Coffee(86mm, 146mm)
Size (86X86 mm)
LB(86X86mm) New
LH(86X86mm) New
LP(86X86mm) New
Size (118X73.5 mm)
LH118 (118X73.5mm) New
LP118 (118X73.5mm) New
LR118 (118X73.5mm)
JZ White(118X73.5mm)
JZ Champagne(118X73.5mm)
JZ Silver(118X73.5mm)
LG (118X73.5mm)
LW (118X73.5mm)
LC (118X73.5mm)
LZ (118X73.5mm)
Open-mounted Series
LA Open-Mounted
LW Open-Mounted
LM Open-Mounted
Other Products Series
Extension Socket
Circuit Breaker
Floor Socket
Accessories Series
Wenzhou Lianfeng Electrical Co.,Ltd.specializes on producing household and engineering electrical products, such as wall switches, switched sockets and extension sockets, ventilators, circuit breakers, bath warmers and their relative parts.

We built up the factory in 1995, and had always been focused on domestic market since then until 2008. Now we have a perfect sales network throughout the country, our yearly sales already exceeds RMB 100 million.
Since 2009, we began to collect international trade into our business. In order to make it strong as soon as possible, we did some work for that. Building up working team, developing new styles, adjusting producing lines, exposing us on business webs, and attending overseas fair We wish to do it same perfectly as what we did in our domestic market. And for this target, we would like to do EVERYTHING.

Our products are equipped with only basic certifications now. But from now on, well will devote ourselves on turning them into accordance with the international rules. So don not worry about the approvals, just let us know what you need and the way we could help you. Please keep in mind, Lianfeng China is the most reliable choice, we are always here with you ! 

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